Video Games


My video game journey

When I was around the age of 14 our family friend along with my parents offered my a personal computer on my birthday, and this is when the journey of video gaming started for me. My first video game was Team Fortress 2 and I was playing it with one of my friends. They had their own server and the community was in general quite good. At this time I did not know English so playing with English speaking people was very helpful. It took me a year to fully learn English, I also made a lot of friends with who I could practice my English.

Then, I moved to the game called Overwatch when it came out and I still play this game almost everyday. Like Team Fortress 2 it is a first person shooter with many different heros who have their own abilities. Compared to Team Fortress 2 I think this game took a new level and became so much better with time.

Another game that I used to play a lot was Tera, it is a mmorpg. I put over four thousand hours into this game. Unfortunately, I feel like lately it is missing some good content that is why I quit for a bit.

I think video games are great to make new friends with the similar interests. It can be helpful for developing your social skills and even learn a new language like in my case. So as long as it does not turn into a bad habit I think it can be a great pass time.