My favorit pass time

I was always into drawings and painting. In the middle and high school I always had art classes and I really always enjoyed them. In my free time I like to draw, pain and carve. My favorit would be painting. Mostly I paint with acrylic paint because I find it the easiest to use. Compared to the aquarela dn oil, with acrylique I can easier fix my mistakes.

For my drawings I take the inspirations from different artists or different images on the internet. I also like nature so, nature, flowers, forest and animals are playing a big role in my life.

I think art can have many benefits for a person. In my case it makes me very relax and I can spend time with myself not thinking about any problems or difficult situations. I also heard that art can be beneficial for the psychological health.

I think my biggest dream would be to paint something I really enjoy and have a exposition. Or also I would like to work on the photography and create many beautiful things.

I got into carving not too long ago and I really enjoyed it because it was something totally new for me. At first I just started by finding a picture I really like somewhere on the internet and then redraw it on the piece of soft wood. Then I would carve it out. My first one came out great and since I have a lot of work for school to accomplish, I will carve again in my free time.